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Continuing Education Requirements for Registered Land Surveyors
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Rule 15. Continuing Education

865 IAC 1-15-1 Continuing education

Sec. 1. (a) This rule establishes the continuing education requirements for registered land surveyors.
(b) Failure to comply with this rule may subject the registered land surveyor to action under IC 25-1-4-5 and IC 25-1-4-6.

865 IAC 1-15-2 Continuing education requirements

Sec. 2. (a) Registered land surveyors must complete a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education in order to qualify for the biennial renewal of the land surveyor's license in an active status. The twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education requirement must include both of the following:

     (1) A minimum of six (6) continuing education hours in mandatory topics as defined in section 6 of this rule.
     (2) A minimum of eighteen (18) continuing education hours in elective topics as defined in section 7 of this rule.

(b) New registrants are not required to comply with the continuing education requirements stated in subsection (a) at the first renewal of his or her license.

(c) No single elective course may count for more than twelve (12) hours of continuing education. Hours in excess of twelve (12) granted for any single elective course shall not be applied to the hours of continuing education required in the renewal period except as otherwise allowed under subsection (e).

(d) College courses taken after licensure that qualify for continuing education credit under section 5 of this rule will be counted as follows:

     (1) Ten (10) hours of continuing education credit per credit hour taken in a quarter system.
     (2) Fifteen (15) hours of continuing education credit per credit hour taken in a semester system.

However, college credit earned under this section and applied as elective continuing education hours must comply with the requirements of subsection (c).

(e) Up to four (4) hours of elective continuing education topics earned, but not used, in one (1) renewal period may be applied to the hours required in the next renewal period. Proper documentation of any such hours shall be submitted as required by the board.

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